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Real Estate

Closing & Title Services

People can feel confused and frustrated by the paperwork and costs associated with buying or selling a home or commercial property.  We can help by answering the important questions, such as:

     - What are my duties and responsibilities under the contract?

     - Are there any contingencies under the contract?

     - Is the property's title free of defects?

     - Are there any liens or judgments on the property?

     - What is title insurance and why do I need it?

     - How should I take title if I am single or married?

     - What are the income, estate or gift tax consequences to my estate?

     - What is the seller's liability after the sale?

Without an attorney handling the transaction, you might face issues that your realtor cannot resolve. If the contract terms were not negotiated in your favor, you may have additional taxes or expenses. If the other party refuses to honor the contract, you may be stuck in limbo for weeks or months. If you receive the title with a title defect, such as a lien or judgment, it may be difficult for you to sell the property in the future.

You should not sign a contract without an attorney reviewing it. If you have not hired an attorney or are still considering hiring one, you should ask your realtor to include the Seller/Buyer's Attorney Approval Addenda with the contract.

Peace of mind does not cost more. Closing with a title company (licensed title agent) or real estate attorney costs about the same. But, what you get is quite different. A real estate attorney is familiar with real estate, probate and corporate law, not just title insurance matters. If you hire us as your closing agent for a residential transaction, no additional attorney fees will be charged. For commercial transactions, the attorney fees charged depend on the type work we perform.

We sweat the small stuff! Buyers and sellers can rely on us for their closings and title insurance.

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Civil Litigation

Our office handles evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, foreclosures and quiet title actions. Contact us for a free consultation.